To become a owner of a mobil home in the Somme Bay : why don’t you ?

A dream within reach

Imagine :

- Taking a romantic aperitif on the terrace at sunset. 
- Going on a bike ride with  the children or grandchildren maybe around the Bay and its paths fluting basin and buy shrimp after the merry-go-round... 
- Gather friends and go for a swim together.
- Plant flowers around your pitch, decorate your mobile home. 

In short, settle, relax… As the sun shines, you arrive…a ray of sunshine and you arrive

 Our residential pitches are serviced, bordered by flowered hedges. We provide neat facilities and trained staff  with a real skill to help you develop your buying project. We help you
- buy a mobile home whether new or second hand,
- choose a mobile home (new or second hand), depending on the size of your family, some brands advantages
-  choose a plot, its surrounding, its orientation
- find funding for your buying project. 

We take time with you to think about your project. Our business is to be at your service.
And from that point, a great adventure begins that will last as long as you decide ... 
For new mobile homes, contact us on 0033 (0)